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We understand that the international advisory industry is in dire need of increased regulation and rules.

We hold concerns over the advice we have seen, and the portfolios we have taken on following poor or negligent planning. If you have any concerns or queries associated to the advice you have received, you are certainly not alone. Please speak to us if any of the following resonate with you, our 2nd opinion service is completely free of charge, we are proud of our industry and of our firm and its advisors, and ashamed of some industry practices.

Second Opinion

We’re here to help and ensure that your planning recovers, if it has been affected by poor advice.

  • Have you been ‘sold’ rather than advised in relation to anything involving your personal finances?
  • Have you felt uncomfortable with your planning or are there any areas which you do not understand or were not properly explained?
  • Do you have a QROPS, but intend to return to the UK?
  • Do you have a QROPS, but your adviser can no longer service you?
  • Are you concerned about the advice you have been presented with, and want a quick professional eye to check its validity?
  • Have you been provided with unrealistic expectations for growth or promised ‘guaranteed returns’ which have not materialised?
  • Do your investments contain ‘structured notes’ which are showing a poor value, with poor excuses?
  • Are any of your investment funds ‘closed’, ‘gated’ or ‘suspended’?
  • Have you tried to get your money back, but been surprised by unexpected exit penalties or delays?
  • Are you concerned about where your money is and how it is being managed?
  • Is your intermediary qualified and regulated?

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Tracing ‘lost’ Money & Financial Policies

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