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Personal insurance is the only type of insurance where you’re happy to continue to pay without making a claim. There are several types and structures to wealth, health, family and life protection, which should be tailored to your individual needs.

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Why choose S&P?

Mr & Mrs GHI, United Arab Emirates


  • A check on the validity of current insurances
  • Advice surrounding will writing and local sharia law

When people move countries, job types or suffer illness, it can affect the validity of insurance contracts and their ability to have a successful claim. Paying for invalid insurance is surprisingly common, the terms and conditions of insurances can be complex and difficult to navigate and understand.

In this case, we found that the UK insurance contracts held by the clients were valid for their residence, and therefore they required no new policies. Their work abroad also included valuable health and life protection benefits, exceeding their current debt and to our typical expectations when advising upon long-term household and family costs in the event a surviving spouse would need to take time out of work, and then come to terms with working as a single parent.

Cost: In this case, we simply delivered our free consultation and initial advisory report at no cost or obligation. We were not paid for our work, but were pleased to receive a couple of referrals from this client who felt confident enough in our work to pass our details on to friends. We are not will writers, but are well connected in many regions, and were able to refer these clients on to a well-respected and reputable local will writing firm who had done a good job for other S&P clients.

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