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Cross-border planning

We offer specialist advice for the international worker and their family. We understand that most of our clients have specialist needs, including but not limited to:

  • Holdings in multiple currencies
  • Holdings in multiple jurisdictions
  • Cross-border taxation concerns
  • UK and international taxation liabilities
  • International financial products
  • ‘lost’ policies due to multiple residencies
  • Concerns over the validity of insurance contracts
  • Concerns over local death laws, restrictions and taxation

Advising international workers

Whatever your nationality, outside of the UK, we advise individuals working in unfamiliar territories, often helping those as they move jurisdiction and employment, ensuring their financial policies are able to follow them (if appropriate), and making any necessary adjustments to ensure international taxation compliance.

Planning for Retirement in the UK and abroad

Whether you plan to retire at home or abroad, we can help you plan ahead, including advice upon:

  • Currency planning, for cash, investments and income generation
  • Inflation planning, considering local inflation and expectation
  • Local monetary and fiscal policy
  • Cross-border income planning and double taxation agreements
  • Withdrawal strategy and cashflow management
  • International mortgage broking and rebroking, at and in retirement
  • Wealth protection and passing money on to loved ones, wherever you die

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