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What to expect from a meeting

When meeting a representative of Shalchi & Partners, you will gain at least an hour’s worth of time with an experienced and knowledgeable professional adviser, without cost or obligation.

In the first meeting, we intend to find out about you, your existing planning and your goals for the future. We will listen to your plans, goals, current circumstances and expected changes; we will consider your financial knowledge, understanding, experience and what you have in place already. From there, and with your permission, our adviser will begin to research your current policies, and consult with our back-office team when considering adjustments to your financial planning.

Holistic & Focused Planning

We aim to help you across all aspects of your financial planning, but of course, if you have particular concerns or a need for focus on one area, we are led by you.

Holistic Planning

We take into account your planning as a whole and offer our advice holistically. This means that we would not advise you take out, for example, a new life protection policy, if your current employment offered sufficient ‘death in service’ cover; we would only advise that you consider pension planning once we have established what you can expect already, for example from any company or state pensions.

Focused Planning

It may be that you are comfortable managing most of your finances, but require specific help with regard to setting up a new policy or dealing with a complex area. We are led by you, and can fit with your needs and requirements.

Reviewing your existing planning

One of the first steps we take in planning is a full review of what you already have in place. We are able to research any ‘lost’ financial policies and present to you the ‘do nothing’ scenario; where would you be if you left your finances as they are and did no further planning?

Have you considered:

  • Whether your life, critical illness or health protection policies still cover you following a major change in circumstance (eg living and working abroad)?
  • How much you are paying for your financial products, and whether there are cheaper, better, or more suited products available to you?
  • Whether your existing policies are still linked to an old financial adviser? In many cases, they can continue to profit from your money!
  • Whether you have achieved sufficient National Insurance Credits to benefit from the UK State Pension, and what happens if you live abroad?
  • How your policies complement each other, whether you’re over or under insured, have sufficient or insufficient pension savings?
  • Whether your UK and/or international assets are liable for taxation, where, how much and why?
  • Where your money is actually invested, and how much risk you are taking?
  • How your money is protected?
  • Whether any of your plans are ‘tax compliant’ where you live?
  • What happens if you die abroad, particularly a country under Sharia law?

How you pay for advice

Until we agree a way forward, our time, guidance and expertise is free of cost and obligation. Dependent on the planning you need, there are a couple of ways we can be paid for our advice.

If we recommend a new ‘financial product’, such as a life cover policy, new investment or pension, for example, we are typically paid by the new product provider for introducing the business to them. This means that you are effectively paying from your new plan, but indirectly and over a time period. Alternatively, in a case where our planning recommendation is simply a restructure of your current assets, or we are instructed to take on a particular project, we would quote a fee to you in advance. Our fees can typically be paid from your investment or pension money rather than personally, but dependent on your personal preference.

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